Fatal fall from the 14th floor during a police operation

Chute mortelle du 14e étage lors d’une opération policière

MONTREAL | The Office of the independent surveys (EIB) has been mandated to investigate the death of a man who is thrown out of the 14e floor of a building, while he was under arrest for shoplifting on Thursday after-noon.

Depending on the version of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), the 29-year old man was intercepted to 14: 30 for shoplifting. As he did not have his papers on him, the police were accompanied to his home so that he can retrieve his identity documents.

Once in his home, the suspect reportedly informed the officers that his cards were in a bag located on the balcony. It was there that he threw himself into the void.

The death of the man was subsequently found, said in the press release of the EIB, which quotes the version of the state police.

Six investigators are assigned to this folder, has informed the EIB in the evening on Thursday.

Reached by QMI Agency, the SPVM has not wanted to comment. The police did not even wanted to clarify where to place these events.

Anyone who has witnessed this scene may communicate with the EIB, via its web site.

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