Fatal season 2 : a sequel to the series ? The creator answered (Interview)

Mortel saison 2 : une suite pour la série ? Le créateur nous répond (Interview)

Fatal season 2 : the series will have the right to a sequel ? The creator Frédéric Garcia we answered (Interview)

Since 21 November 2019, the six episodes of death, Nemo Schiffman, Manon Bresch, Carl Malapa and Corentin Fila, are available on Netflix. If you have already finished the series fantastic French, you hope to surely be a season 2 given that last episode, but will it have the right to a sequel ? The creator, Frederick Garcia, responds in an interview with PRBK.

Very different from the other, Victor (Nemo Schiffman) and Sofiane (Carl Malapa), are linked by their voodoo powers after making a pact with a supernatural being by the name of Subject (Corentin Fila). They will then use it to find the murderer of his brother Sofiane. They will be assisted by Luisa (Manon Bresch), a student in their school. If the trailer for Mortal has scared more than one, some have changed your mind watching the new French series from Netflix.

“We’re not going to stay there”

It is necessary to say that the show still has something between his original soundtrack to be effective, its special effects, its fantastic universe or even its young actors promising, Carl Malapa, Assa Sylla (Skam), Nemo Schiffman or even Manon Bresch. Some internet users even hope already a season 2, but a suite can be considered ? PRBK has had the opportunity to ask the question to Frédéric Garcia, the showrunner, during an interview : “I have a great plan, this is why we have installed a lot of things about Luisa, on the relationship between Sofiane and Victor, that is not finished to the end. Things are planned, we know exactly where we want to go with the characters“, says he.

The creator of Mortal, who began writing the project there are a decade, says then : “After that, the spectators are eager to see the result and stay with the characters. It is necessary that there is a true craze. Six episodes of 50 minutes for a show choir than ours, it is complicated. Saw the end of the season, you have doubts that we will not stay there.

“The aim is to develop friendly relations and romantic”

It seems to be in good way so, but for the moment, Netflix still has nothing announced about a possible season 2. Frédéric Garcia has already some ideas for the following : “The themes that interest me are the handling, caring, or is it that friendship is a means of survival or just to live ? The aim is to develop friendly relations and romantic love and how people can become what they should be and, especially, to surpass the traumas that can happen to a teenager.

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