Father Kirkorov the police – when you find it, take away the most valuable

Отца Киркорова ищет полиция – когда найдут, отберут самое ценное

Philip, the screen of the video

today, 08:41

87-year-old Bedros Kirkorov, who is the father of the king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov, was wanted for a fast ride. Cheerful grandfather-a farmer has a farm in the Novgorod region, going to social events and loves to drive from the soul. Bedros Kirkorov rolls on the Lexus RX270 and periodically gets tickets. However, the car men can select for the many unpaid fines for too dashing ride on luxury cars, says the telegram-channel “Mash”.

But not so long ago an elderly farmer refused to participate in a concert tour of Philip Kirkorov, citing poor health and not doing to fly. Apparently, the car at breakneck speed grandpa feels much better than flying. It should be noted that Kirkorov Jr. himself is not averse to ride a ride at speed. Philip Bedrosovich has already been punished for the race – last year the Federal tax service has blocked the account of the artist, because he has accumulated about 20 unpaid fines are for speeding.

Отца Киркорова ищет полиция – когда найдут, отберут самое ценное

Bedros Kirkorov, the screen of the video

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We will remind, the king of Russian pop Kirkorov took over the guard at the ceremony “Oscar”.

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Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Kirkorov sweetly congratulated Barnabas carnival.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Kirkorov has become a priest and surrounded himself with dissolute nuns.

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