Father’s day: when a new holiday is celebrated in Ukraine

Father’s day 2019: find out the date and history of the new Ukrainian holiday

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День отца: когда отмечается новый праздник в Украине

Father’s day

In Ukraine in 2019 there is a new national holiday – father’s Day. What is the date of his story, when father’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine, read our article.

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When father’s Day 2019: date of the celebration in Ukraine

A new state holiday Day of the father, starting from 2019, will be celebrated in Ukraine on the third Sunday of June. And this year this date falls on June 16.

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Father’s day in Ukraine: the history of the holiday

In 2019, the Ukrainian Cabinet approved the draft presidential decree and, therefore, approved a new official holiday, father’s Day, which henceforth will be celebrated in our country at the state level. The decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday, may 8.

Was approved in our country with the purpose of creation and development of favorable conditions for strengthening the family institution as the Foundation of society and recognition at the state level the role of the father in the educational process of children and the promotion of the family lifestyle, the creation of responsible fatherhood and motherhood.

Earlier in Ukraine father’s Day is also celebrated, but only at an informal level on the third Sunday of June and the third Sunday of September.

And there was a holiday in America in 1909. A certain Mrs. Dodd from Spokane initiated the creation of the day of the year when children are able to Express the gratitude and veneration of his caring fathers. It has thus perpetuated the memory of his own father, who, left a widow, managed to raise six children without a mother.

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