Favorite actor from “Quarter-95” was a police officer, the Ukrainians did not expect

Любимый актер из "Квартал 95" стал сотрудником милиции, такого украинцы не ожидали

Shooting a new series, photo – press-service of the ICTV

today, 12:24

Ukrainian TV channel ICTV has started shooting Nancy drew, called “one of the past.” The new film is an adaptation of the famous serial format, which is famous and popular all over the world. This story tells about the adventures of a police officer, who was 20 years old lay in a coma, and suddenly came back to life. However, after a coma, a COP woke up in the modern world, but the thoughts were in the distant dashing 90.

The main character of the captain of militia Oleg Valley plays a famous Ukrainian actor Dmitry Surzhikov, who is familiar to viewers of many films the Studio “Kvartal 95”. The hero was in a coma for two decades, during this time, the world has changed, the police turned to the police, but the bad guys are still there. So the work in the new police force with his skills in the Valley there. It is reported that all the planned 16 episodes, but the premiere date is not yet disclosed.

Любимый актер из "Квартал 95" стал сотрудником милиции, такого украинцы не ожидали

Dmitry Surzhikov, photo – press-service of the ICTV

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