Favorite Loboda staged a “party of the year”, an incendiary video

Любимец Лободы устроил "вечеринку года", зажигательное видео

today, 20:54

Ukrainian singer Max Barskih returned to the stage with the presentation of a large-scale music video “Lay, don’t worry”. A relevant video has appeared on YouTube.

“Lei, don’t worry” is a call to life, a Manifesto against foreign sanctimonious condemnations. Because we are all unique in each of us lurks a bright and unique world. Don’t be afraid to show it, and never forget who you are, regardless of age, origin, skin color, sexual orientation… And then the weekdays will turn into Friday, where each of you is the brightest star,” commented the Prime Minister and musician.

Любимец Лободы устроил "вечеринку года", зажигательное видео

In order to create a festive extravaganza in new video work by max, Alan Badoev it took 40 actors, 50 costumes, 200 squares decorations, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, pneumatic fracture 40 hours of shooting and a budget of 180 thousand dollars.

Recall that Max Barskih excited the network, the fans have exposed the personal life of the singer.

As reported Know. ua, Max Barsky spoke about children.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Loboda and MARUV entertained Kolomoisky and Fuchs on the 60th anniversary of Yaroslavl.

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