Feast without the flag, the artists without a voice

Fête sans drapeau, artistes sans voix

While several politicians have lashed out against the fact that the fleurdelisé has been almost totally absent from the grand spectacle of the national holiday, on Tuesday evening, the artists, themselves, were rather hesitant to respond. As if they had smelled the hot soup in this debate…

Such a does not respond, another is not available… Throughout the day of Thursday, The Newspaper has encountered refusals to comment with thirty artists.

The day before, politicians like Guy Nantel, Nathalie Roy and Pascal Bérubé had deplored the fact that the fleurdelisé is ruled out of the grand show, which was aired for the first time on the four major networks.

On the side of the organization of the national holiday, we were told that the performing artists had not participated in the concept and that they could not therefore comment on the controversy.

In the day, Ariane Moffatt, however, briefly let go of her emotions on Twitter.

The singer, who coanimait the show with Pierre Lapointe, has responded to the message of the moderator Maxime Charbonneau who was that this controversy had not its place and that the show was gatherer.

“You have no idea the level of harassment that I suffered personally as if it was my choice, my fault then that the MNQ [Mouvement national des Québécoises and Québécois] himself has assumed the responsibility of this failure. The world is freaked out… ” she wrote.

The actress Salomé Corbo has also written on Twitter that she had not even noticed the absence of the fleurdelisé at the time of watching the show ” My pride for this country does not depend on the presence of the fleurdelisé. The flags, the symbols are certainly important, but the human, that is the soul of a people living and walking. (And usually, it is the crowds that brandished of thousands.) “

Salomé Corbo

“You need to put a flag “

Artist accustomed to the celebrations of the national holiday — he participated in the grand spectacle of a half-dozen times — Daniel Boucher has agreed to comment on the controversy even though he had not yet seen the show as of June 23.

“I find that when you call a show “a national holiday”, it is necessary that you put a flag, ” he said. It is a national holiday, this is not a show of varieties as the other. It is my humble opinion. “

The singer adds that this type of event is necessarily political. “It is a national holiday ! It is a political one. I have already spoken about independence on the stage. “

– With the collaboration of Cédric Bélanger

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