Federal contract to a charity: Justin Trudeau admits that he does not will be disqualified from the discussion

Contrat fédéral à un organisme de bienfaisance: Justin Trudeau admet ne pas s’être récusé des discussions

Justin Trudeau admits that he does not will be disqualified from discussions leading to the award of a federal contract to a charity close to his family.

The first minister made the admission this morning in a press conference in response to a question from the media without providing any explanation.

The Law on ethics is clear: “it is forbidden for any holder of public office to take a decision or participate in making a decision in the exercise of his office if he knows or ought reasonably to know, that, in taking this decision, it could find itself in a situation of conflict of interests”.

The Office of the conflict of interest and ethics announced Friday that it will investigate to determine if Justin Trudeau has violated the law when his government was awarded a contract of $ 900 million to the body STATES (WE Charity), last month, for the management of federal Grants for the volunteer student.

3 times under investigation

Justin Trudeau has violated the law on conflict of interest two times since he was appointed prime minister, according to the ethics Commissioner.

The first was in 2017 when he accepted a vacation on the private island of the Aga Khan. The second last year in the case of SNC-Lavalin.

“It’s going to make it a hat trick for Mr. Trudeau”, growls the conservative mp Gérard Deltell, who points out that ever a prime minister had been the subject of a single inquiry from the commissioner to the inquiry by the past.

For Mr. Deltell, ” Mr. Trudeau feels above the law and integrity “.

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