Femmage women

Femmage aux femmes

Here I would like to make femmage to Valerie Plant. Yes, femmage, because in the word tribute there is ” man “, it is too masculine, patriarchal, dominant, ark, yuck.

I would like to make femmage to Valerie Plant because full pandemic, while Mtl is at the epicentre of the dead, she knows how to keep his sense of priorities…

Radio-Canada tells us that today, ” the executive committee will recommend that the Town is now adopting a mode of communication that is gender-inclusive language “, so he attack ” for the supremacy of the masculine over the feminine in French “.

People are dying to the pocket in CHSLD but… we will devote our energies to write “police” instead of ” the police “.

But why stop there ? Féminisons all(e), add ” e ” everywhere, between me and you, call the city Montréale !


If you want to laugh, the story of Émilie Dubreuil on the website of Radio-Canada will you put a banana in the face : one has the impression that this is from an account of satire.

There we learn that the mayor of the borough Emilie Thuillier, who is behind this idea, think that there is an urgency to act against the scourge of the male.

“From the month of June, despite the pandemic, we’re going to begin the training “.

And what’s it going to consist of these courses ?

To relearn to City staff to speak French. “Instead of saying, for example : The City is seeking a head of communications non-gendered, it is necessary to tell or write : The City is seeking a communication officer non-gendered “. You need to learn to say ” the lawyer “.

As you can read in the document : “in The 21st century, it is time to revisit our way of expressing themselves to ensure the inclusion of diverse types of human kind “.

I was reading it at the end of the week, and I’m told that rendering here, rendering this level of foolishness, the City should give a call to the French artist Typhaine D.

This feminist vegan (she’s the one who stated it, not me) which is also ” professeuse “, fights for the feminine prevails over the masculine. In fact, it is said to be more ” feminine “, she says ” the feminine “.

According to Typhaine D, it would be better to say “She once was” and add ” e ” everywhere.

She writes, therefore, ” me “, ” valleys “, ” doomed “, she says “jamaise” and ” toujoures “, “this is beautiful” instead of ” That is beautiful ! “speaks of” commatriotes “instead of” fellow countrymen “.

I suggest, therefore, immediately to Montreal, contact Typhaine D for it to be “professeuse” from Montreal, to show them jabbering this dialect is called ” write gender-inclusive language “.


When she was campaigning to become mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante has flooded the city with posters with the slogan percussion : The man of the situation.

I hope that she would not do the same thing today.

Man, it’s so patriarchal, sexist, synonym of masculinity is toxic.

Today, the poster should proclaim : “The individual.e human.e non-gendered.e not binary of the situation “.

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