Fencing: five months before the Paris Olympics, the French men's epee team is in crisis

Fencing: five months before the Paris Olympics, the French men's epee team is in crisis

L'équipe de France masculine se retrouve sans manager avant les JO. ANSA – MOURAD BALTI TOUATI

Hugues Obry a présenté sa démission de son poste de manager général de l'épée masculine jeudi 29 février, alors que les JO approchent à grand pas. 

Hugues Obry, after months of tension, presented his resignation from his position as general manager of the men's epee on Thursday, exactly five months before the individual tournament of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, told l' AFP the French Fencing Federation (FFE), confirming information from the daily L'Equipe.

On leave from work for several weeks, the former swordsman, triple Olympic medalist, returned to Insep at the beginning of the week.

Following a heated debrief of the World Championships in Milan this summer, relations had remained tense for months between him and his three headliners, the Tokyo Olympic champion , Romain Cannone, Yannick Borel and Alexandre Bardenet, who had led a revolt against him. To the point that the first, who also became world champion in 2022, trained partly in his club in Saint-Maur, the other two in Levallois-Perret.

"True breakout"

A "real break" appeared after the World Championships in Milan, according to a person close to the actors, despite a record of two medals, team silver and bronze for Romain Cannone.

Olympic team epee champion in 2004 as a fencer then in 2016 as coach of the French team, Obry, nicknamed &quot ;Napoleon" upon his return to the head of the blue swordsmen in 2021, was accused of "moral harassment" by his athletes, according to his comments to the daily L'Equipe in the fall.

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