Feral Asmus jumped on the “Internet enemies” has got to Kharlamov and daughter: photo

Одичавшая Асмус набросилась на "интернет-врагов", досталось Харламову и дочери: фото

today, 15:22

Popular Russian actress, wife of comedian Garik Kharlamov Kristina Asmus often pleases fans on the social network Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put autumn photos by writing underneath an angry post about how their husband does not give rest after the explicit scenes of the actress in the film Text. So, Christina believes that all of these taunts – not the work of individuals, and a site where haters gather in large groups and are developing various plans.

“”Poison Asmus! 😈 Achieve them with Kharlamov divorce! Termination of parental rights! Make it so that all thought that the sex was not acting. Underestimate movie rating “Text” in “MMORPG”! 🎞 Write antirecession angry comments under all her videos on the Internet! Calling to the child, write letters of complaint to the Ministry of culture, the infamous letters to her family and attack the page of your daughter!” – 😂😂😂
And this is only one satanic website!
Did you know that idiots are not just plentiful but they are United in clans and create waterskii sect? 🤦 🏼 ♀ This is where not only a hell of a thing to write and set goals, distribute tasks and steps massive shit on the Internet about me and Garik 🥊 Instead of unite for something good and useful, people spend their life on this game 🤯 They keep track of all our publications, interviews, broadcasts, create a graph of heatersthe, change tactics and have their own statistics 📊 tell stories and to make the stuffing, in press. There you can also get text or a collage, focusing on religion, the pregnant or children – who is closer 🤷 🏼 ♀ it’s amazing they even have recruiters and their superiors ))))
So when fools see here, pay no attention. Have pity on them. A report should be passed and a thesis on toll to write 😂
Such is hyinya”, – shared his emotions Asmus. Followers began to support their family in the comments.

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Одичавшая Асмус набросилась на "интернет-врагов", досталось Харламову и дочери: фото

Одичавшая Асмус набросилась на "интернет-врагов", досталось Харламову и дочери: фото

Одичавшая Асмус набросилась на "интернет-врагов", досталось Харламову и дочери: фото

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