Ferrari will revive the iconic model of the 80s years

Ferrari возродит культовую модель 80-х годов

Hypercar will be the third model Icona.The Ferrari company will revive the iconic model of the 80s years in a limited series with a hybrid engine, reports the with reference to TSN.

Hypercar will be the third model line Icona, which produces exclusive cars.

The first two models were the speedsters Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, built on units coupe Ferrari Superfast 812. Now sources inside the company report that next in line is the iconic model F40.

According to preliminary data, the revived hypercar will get chassis serial hybrid, which the company will release to compete with McLaren and Senna Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The engine of the new supercar will be built in the V8 with a return of about 1000 HP F40 Icona will become even more extreme, and the inspiration for its design will serve as the original model 80-ies.

When creating speedsters Monza manufacturer was inspired by the Ferrari 166 MM 1948, 750 and 860 Monza Monza 1950s.

The difference between SP1 and SP2 is only in the number of seats. Bodies, barkett entirely made of carbon fiber. He used to trim, which only partly resembles the original 812 Superfast.


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