Festiplage de Cap-d'Espoir: come back even stronger than in 2022



After a 16th edition that caused a lot of talk last year because of its all-male programming and the cases of festival-goers bitten by GHB, the Festiplage de Cap-d'Espoir, in Gaspésie, is back in force this year with Roxane Bruneau, Tim Hicks, Alicia Moffet and Simple Plan. 

“Despite the commotion in the media, on the ground people were very happy. We even saw an increase in our attendance from 15,000 to 22,000 people. Of course, we made adjustments in terms of security, but if we just read the comments on Facebook, it's as if someone had died,” said event director Ghislain. Pitre, in an interview with Agence QMI.

Almost exactly a year ago, Émile Bilodeau had canceled his participation in the Gaspé festival because of the programming featuring only male artists. “How do you think the girls attending Festiplage will view my industry?” he asked on his Instagram page.

In addition, during the event, at least two people had filed a complaint with the authorities for possible sexual assaults. As soon as they became aware of the allegations, the organization reinforced its security measures on site and cooperated with the law enforcement authorities.

Shows for all tastes

In addition to the mentioned artists of Roxane Bruneau, Tim Hicks, Alicia Moffet and Simple Plan, the Festiplage will present, among others, for its 17th edition, shows by Sara Dufour, Benny Jones, Yelo Molo and Quimorocru , as well as a carte blanche from Gaspé comedian P-A Méthot.

“As soon as his show ended last year, P-A told us that he wanted to come back next year. He loves it and every time he comes it's like he's on vacation, as his parents aren't far away. Last year, his show had a more disco theme, and this year it will be more rock with Johanne Bouin, Daniel Boucher, Martin Deschamps, Martin Hogan, Lulu Hughes and Kim Richardson,” added Mr. Pitre.


The Cap-d'Espoir Festiplage will be held from July 26 to 29.