Festival Grand Prix Formula 1: radio silence on Crescent street

Festival Grand Prix Formule 1: silence radio sur la rue Crescent

MONTREAL – The merchants of Crescent street will find the next few days very quiet, and they who are accustomed to a highly charged atmosphere at the beginning of the month of June, when normally the Montreal Grand Prix.

Without the pandemic, the Festival’s Grand Prix on Crescent street will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the occasion of the Formula 1 race which is run on the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

Usually, some 500 000 people participating in the concerts, thematic evenings, exhibitions and demonstrations of luxury vehicles organized by the merchants Association of Crescent street.

“It is four times the digit normal end of the week. We have 5% of our turnover yearly,” said the 24 Hours the president of the Association, Steve Siozios, owner of Stogies Cigar Lounge, and the London Pub.

The absence of cars engines ronronnants, of loud music and crowded sidewalks of tourists and automobile enthusiasts will leave a void in the heart of Mr. Siozios. “It gives me goosebumps [goosebumps]”, he said in the listing memories, lived on this street in montreal.

The end of the week to come will be the worst that has lived Mr. Siozios, according to him, in 13 years as president of the Association. It will be more heart-wrenching to the city centre than that of 2008 with the economic crisis or of 2012 with the events of the Spring Maple.

“The city centre makes more money [at the end of the week F1]. My employees would spend a little bit everywhere. This is not just good for the economy of a few streets,” he noted.

The president of the Association devotes all her time to the street in montreal for over 35 years. “On July 28, 1986, the first place that I went with the auto of my father as soon as I had my licence, it was on Crescent”, he told.

For him, this iconic street acts as a showcase for Montreal, but also for the country. “In addition to the olympic Games, there is no event that gives a big spotlight on the Quebec and Montreal Grand Prix. I can’t count the number of people who have told me that they have heard of Montreal because of the Great Prices of Canada!”

In the fall?

At the present time, the Montreal Grand Prix is always postponed and not cancelled. The international automobile Federation (FIA) has circulated, at the beginning of the month, the first part of its calendar in 2020, as amended, which includes only the official dates for events in Europe.

The suite will be unveiled at the beginning of the month of July, and Montreal has the chance to get a test. If the city welcomes drivers to the fall, Steve Siozios has confirmed that the merchants Association of Crescent street will host activities.

Say goodbye to thousands of dollars of tips

MONTRÉAL – With the cancellation of the Grand Prize, students who work as servers or behind a bar have seen it fly at the end of their week of work the more lucrative of the year. Some are usually to make several thousands of dollars of tips in a few days.

“The more that is done, it is $ 1500 per night,” said Roxanne Audette, who used to work as a waitress or bartender at the Peel Paddock, a place of festivity ran during the weekend of the F1. A year, she was able to make 3600 $ in three days.

“The atmosphere is really fun, but these are really big days,” added the student of 25 years. We arrive at 16h, it ends at almost 3 hours in high heels, you can’t stop. You’re burned out here!”

Roxanne Audette is a bachelor’s degree in medical biology at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and would like to eventually complete a phd in pharmacy. She works as a lab technician in the Mauricie region, but would be nice to be passed back to Montreal to live the frenzy of the Peel Paddock, if the Montreal Grand Prix had taken place.

“The F1, it is the end of the week where there are people from all over the world, that spends. It spends like never before,” added the one who used the money raised to pay for his studies. “It gave me a cushion, it sure is”, she stressed.

Strong demand for sexual services, even without the F1

MONTREAL – With the health crisis and the postponement of the Grand Prix, one might think that the demand for the sexual services that are priced is very low, but it has increased since the beginning of the pandemic, according to an organization of fight against sexual exploitation.

“Women thought just make of the webcam and we say that the clients are sending [messages], and they seek,” said Jennie-Laure Sully, spokesman for the Concertation of struggles against sexual exploitation (CLES).

“They say: we are going to stop niaiser, it will not remain just a virtual our business. We can meet, I’ll put the condom on, I’m going to wash me. It’s going to be alright,” she added.

“There are women who tell us that clients pick to have sex”, she said.

The end of Grand Prix week usually brings a rise of sex tourism in the metropolis, and the topic is regularly in the news.

“Each year, during this period, we have stories of young girls who receive “job offers” dodgy aiming to recruit in the industry. We also have testimonials from parents whose girls have disappeared during this period because they have been victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation,” said Ms. Sully. The organization receives between three and eight times more calls during this period.

If the Grand Prize is carried over to the fall, what hope to the organizers, Ms. Sully is afraid that the same history repeats itself.

“All the major events that cause a lot of traffic in the larger cities tend to also be accompanied by sexual tourism, the problems of trafficking for sexual exploitation. This is not new, it’s been years as it is said,” said Jennie-Laure Sully.

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