Festive participants! disrespectful to traders

Participants in the Festive! disrespectful towards merchants


The Festive! de Baie-Saint-Paul attracts several thousand visitors to the municipality, and if the fallout is real for some, but the influx of its festival-goers brings its share of inconveniences, estimates an entrepreneur who demands changes.&nbsp ;

“I really want to specify that we are not against the Festif!, we only want to suggest improvements that could be made”, insists Alice Pineault, spokesperson for the restaurants Chez Pineault and The Bat.

For several years, a restaurateur who owns these two establishments in the heart of downtown has been dreading the Festif weekend!.

“Festival goers are very disrespectful to us, the staff, the residents and they don't pay attention. They make a mess. They may lack security during the Festif!”, maintained the spokesperson.

This year, some festival-goers decided to party on the terrace of one of their restaurants without their consent. A situation that is added among many others over the years.

“People allowed themselves to come in. They removed the small chain. They moved our tables, left their cigarettes all over our terrace and their empty cans. It even came to urinate and defecate in our yard here,” said the young woman.

The income of the two establishments also fell sharply during the festival.

“C 'was completely dead, we twiddled our thumbs on Thursdays and Fridays when we usually had another room that we were able to fill to capacity,” she said, suggesting that the Festif! be moved to a better period.

A letter presenting the status of the situation was submitted to the City in the summer of 2019.

“We were told that it was going to be read and that we were going to get feedback; we never had one. We want to create a committee, then open discussions with the City,” said Alice Pineault.

“We are collaborating with the SQ. This year, at first glance, the results are positive. It went well, but there may be isolated cases that took place. We are really in listening mode and in solution mode,” replied the mayor, Michael Pilote.

Just like the mayor, the Festive! invited the restaurateur to submit his ideas with respect.

The organization mentioned that it was still in open mode. Regarding security, she maintained that there was less this year, among other things because of the papal visit.

As for the weekend chosen, it would be ” of the best timing” given the calendar of other festivals in the province.