FIDE removed from the leadership of Ilyumzhinov chess organization

ФИДЕ отстранила Илюмжинова от руководства шахматной организацией

The international chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov dismissed from the post of President of the organization. About it writes “Radio Freedom”.

In particular, the ethics Commission of FIDE found that included in the sanctions list of the USA, Russia repeatedly put their own interests above the interests of the organization, tried to discredit members of the Council of FIDE, made false or provocative statements and refused to resign that led to the closure of Bank accounts of the Federation.

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In conclusion the Commission said that Ilyumzhinov is FIDE have caused serious reputational and financial damage.

In this regard, he will not be able to take the post of the head of FIDE at least six months and a maximum term of suspension may be a year and a half.

In turn, Ilyumzhinov called it a political decision.

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The newspaper reminds that the European Commission head of FIDE in 1995, and since then, repeatedly re-elected to a new term. In November 2015 he included in the sanctions list of the USA “for financial aid and actions in the interests and on behalf of the government and the Central Bank of Syria.”

8 APR 2018 presidential Council of FIDE called upon the Russian to leave his post because of the potential financial risks for the Federation. Ilyumzhinov refused to leave the post, and the restrictive measures of the USA called “baseless”. In may, the Swiss banks refused to cooperate with FIDE because of the sanctions against Ilyumzhinov.

June 29, Ilyumzhinov said that he will not nominate his candidacy in the elections of the new head of the organization, which will be held at the Congress on 3 October in Batumi (Georgia).

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