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Fiery atmosphere in Hamilton!

Fire atmosphere in Hamilton!


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    Fiery atmosphere in Hamilton!

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    Big party for Canadian Football League fans, Sunday evening at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton. The crowd on site was 28,808 spectators. 

    In addition to the show on the field, the presence of the punk rock band Green Day at halftime certainly enhanced this Gray Cup final. The songs Basket Case, Boulevard of Broken Dreams andHoliday notably set the place on fire.

    The weather was good for the match while there was plenty of encouragement for the Alouettes team. Sweaters bearing the image of the Montreal club everywhere and even a Quebec flag… Several Tiger-Cats supporters lined up behind the Montreal team. The city of Winnipeg was also well represented.

    Otherwise, the national anthem was indeed performed in both languages ​​before the start of the meeting. A little before 5 p.m., a tribute was also paid to Karl Tremblay, late member of the group Les Cowboys Fringants, while the songICI-basresounded in the stadium.

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