Fiery, philanthropist and lover: the singer of U2 opens up in complete transparency

Fiery, philanthropist and lover: U2 frontman gives himself away in full transparency


Mythical singer of the Irish group U2, businessman, great emotional lover, sometimes angry and activist endowed with beautiful humanist values, Bono opens up in complete transparency about his rich life into events in a autobiography of 700 pages. 

The pop rock group U2, which has been making crowds run since its formation in 1976, with record sales of 170 million albums in addition to having won 22 Grammys, strikes the imagination. In just over 40 years, he has produced 15 albums and 56 singles.

The band's frontman, vocalist and lyricist, Paul David Hewson, now 62 years old, who chose Bono as his stage name, recounts his journey from his teenage years, where he dreamed of making music until he reached the height of fame.  

But before the success, Bono had a difficult time from when his mother died of a stroke while laying his father in the ground. His death will come three days later, while Bono, 14, holds his hand. From there, a certain revolt will be born in the heart of the teenager on his way to becoming a singer-songwriter. 

Health problem

Moreover, he begins his book by recounting his own heart problems and his feeling of suffocation which occurred in 2016, at Christmas. His heart operation, he describes it as if he were witnessing his own surgery, suspended from the ceiling of the operating room, where reigns, in his eyes, an icy cold, while one manipulates his arteries without knowing if he will survive or not.

He will then promise himself to be more attentive to his own body, well aware that he has done some abuse.

Humble and sincere

From the outset, we see in this book, which is full of details, that he admits to having difficulty controlling his anger and can easily freak out. 

“I have a hot temper. I don't know how to control myself in certain circumstances,” he writes. He often talks about the faith that, in a way, compelled him to try to make this world a better place. 

The book also allows you to witness all the love that he feels for his wife Alison Stewart, whom he married 40 years ago and has four children with. 

“We are still in love,” he wrote.

If we easily grant him a great talent as a singer, and a beautiful artistic creativity, we must also recognize him for a good twenty years of work as an activist. 

Bono used his notoriety to do good. He is one of those who stood up for the fight against extreme poverty by canceling the debt of the poorest countries. 

As far as Ukraine< /strong> 

His other great fights were the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as well as peace in the world, notably in Northern Ireland in the late 1990s.

In addition, the philanthropist considered as one of the most famous and committed in the world did not hesitate last May to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, to make a symbolic performance in the metro with the guitarist of the group for freedom in the context of the war with Russia.

One thing is certain, Bono is also a philosopher at times, noting the waste of human potential.

Bono is now the richest singer on the planet, dethroning former Beatles Paul McCartney thanks to various investments .

His book helps make sense of the 40 songs he wrote and offered to the public and his wife Ali, with whom he lives in Dublin, Ireland, in a mansion overlooking the Irish Sea and to whom he dedicates this book.

♦ U2 will release a new album in 2023 which will be the subject of a major world tour.

Bono has won numerous awards and distinctions including:

  • Knight of the Legion of Honor
  • Commander of the order of Arts and Letters
  • Knight of the Order of the British Empire in a civil capacity
  • He was declared personality of the year in 2005 by the American magazine < em>Time for his humanitarian actions
  • Three times he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  • He is crowned “Man of Peace” in 2008