FIFA, you are disgusting, journalist Bild

ФИФА, вы отвратительны, — журналист Bild

The scandal that erupted after the football team of Croatia domagoj Vida and a member of the coaching staff Ognjen Vukojevic after defeating Russia in the match of the 2018 world Cup recorded a video with the words “Glory to Ukraine!” gaining momentum. As you know, FIFA conducted an investigation and issued to the former player of Kiev “Dynamo” warning.

The fact of the investigation has angered, in particular, of the newspaper Bild Julian turnip.

Just a reminder: Russia kill 12 Ukrainians since the beginning of the world Cup. No problem for FIFA, of course. Autocratic regime who stole 2 million Ukrainians in 2014 and still kill and maim on a daily basis, can make the world Cup. But the player of the world Cup which says “Glory to Ukraine!” may be banned for it. FIFA, you are disgusting, “wrote Julian turnip on Twitter.

removed from the Croatian delegation for their support of Ukraine.

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