Fifty Shades Darker : 6 secrets to turning surprising

Fifty Shades Darker : 6 secrets de tournage surprenants

Fifty Shades Darker : 6 secrets about filming the movie with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Ana and Christian are back ! No, not in a fourth film, adapted from the novels Fifty shades of Grey but with Fifty Shades Darker, the second instalment of the saga, to be broadcast this Sunday, December 1, on TF1. On this occasion, discover or re-discover 6 secrets on the making of the film with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Released in February 2017 at the cinema, Fifty Shades Darker did this time raises the temperature in your home. In this second installment of the trilogy with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, Christian will try to win back Ana result in their rupture at the end of the first film.

Why the director has changed

One of the differences between the first and the second component, it is the change of director. This is Sam Taylor-Johnson directed Fifty Shades of Grey and was replaced by James Foley for the other two films for a simple reason : she did not get on at ALL with E. L James, the author of the novels. In an interview given to The Times by 2019, the author british had confided in about their collaboration complicated : “there has been a creative process that is much more important on the second and third film where I worked with a person who had a vision, a dynamism and loved the book.” had she entrusted. As for Sam Taylor Johnson, she was explained to in 2015 : “It was difficult, I’m not going to lie. We have had many engueulades and yet I am not a person who likes confrontations“.

Sex scenes behind closed doors (or almost)

For this second film, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have once again had to turn many scenes in his little outfit. For filming these intimate scenes, very few people were present in the story do not hinder the actors. “It was a closed platform which means that there is really the minimum of people in the room. Since the camera is on a crane, even the person who the control is not there. There was me, the director assistant, camera, and Dakota” had given Jamie Dornan.

Tensions between the actors ?

If they play lovers in front of the cameras, rumors of tension between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have been circulating in the press. One thing that was totally wrong if you believe the two actors. “We have a very special relationship. I am close to the wife of Jamie, of his children. It is someone who means a lot to me. There are many franchises in Hollywood, but in my opinion, this is the only one where the actors were able to develop a true friendship” had entrusted the interpreter of Ana in an interview.

We missed a full frontal

And to say that Jamie Dornan would be able to show EVERYTHING in front of the cameras in Fifity Shades Darker… The actor has, indeed, told that he was not against the idea of showing his penis to the needs of the movie ! “It was an option. No one has said ‘done’ or ‘not done’. We filmed it without really thinking about it and there were several shots where it was not far. But this was not done on purpose” has assured the actor.

The ritual of Dakota Johnson to de-stress

Even if Fifity Shades Darker is the second film in the franchise, Dakota Johnson was still not comfortable with the sex scenes. His technique to de-stress ? Drink alcohol. “I drank a shot of whiskey before the shoot, “said the star to Entertainment Tonight. For his part, Jamie Dornan had a ritual less surprising : he was the pumps to bring out his muscles.

Jamie Dornan more muscular

Also, when we talk about muscles, have you noticed that Christian is more muscular in the second movie ? We can say thank you to the film’s director James Foley for that ! Jamie Dornan explained that he had wanted to make Christian more physical so that it is almost a threat. “He asked me to go more often to the gym for this movie” gave the actor added : “I’m more imposing in this film, but it seemed logical to me. This is someone who was very beaten when he was a little boy, who has gone through horrible things when he was a child and I think that James Foley wanted it to be seen more in this film“.

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