Fifty-two million $: the entire budget of the SODEC will go to the revival of culture

Cinquante-deux millions $: tout le budget de la SODEC ira à la relance culturelle

The entire budget of $ 52 million of which has the SODEC will be spent in order to boost economically the cultural companies of quebec, announced the organization on Tuesday.

Various assistance programs at the art here will be that amount, and 103.2 million $ promised, Monday, by the government of Quebec. It is, therefore, $ 155.2 million is currently intended to restore the body to the universe of the culture, hard hit since the beginning of the pandemic, in march.

“The containment measures made necessary by the progress of the pandemic, the COVID-19 have had a major impact on the cultural industries and their capacity to invest in the development, production and marketing of new cultural content,” recalls Louise Lantagne, president and ceo of the SODEC, in a press release.

It is the domain of the audiovisual sector – consisting of the film and television – who will get the largest piece of the pie with $ 91.5 million. The music and varieties will follow with $ 33.5 million. The performing arts ($13 million), the festivals and events of the SODEC ($5.9 million), the field of book and publishing ($6.8 million) as well as arts and crafts and the art market ($1 million) will also be entitled to their share of the loot.

Will also support innovative initiatives ($3.5 million), all sectors combined.

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