Fight against the COVID-19: Bill Gates is said that he was optimistic

Combat contre la COVID-19: Bill Gates se dit optimiste

The american billionaire Bill Gates said he is “optimistic” on Saturday as the fight against the COVID-19, and was called to distribute the drugs and vaccines to those who need it, and not to the ” highest bidders “.

“If we allow the drugs and vaccines go to the highest bidder instead of the people where we need them most, we will have a pandemic longer, more unjust and more lethal,” said the founder of Microsoft, in a video message to an international conference virtual on the COVID-19 held in extension of those on the aids, also virtual.

“We need leaders to take firm decisions for a distribution based on equity and not just on factors in the market,” he added in a video recorded in Seattle.

The philanthropist in the fight against epidemics has pointed out that the pandemic had broken the chains of drug supply, including aids, which could ” deprive hundreds of thousands of people from treatment they need, and not only in sub-saharan Africa “.

“But I remain optimistic,” added Bill Gates. “We’re going to win against the COVID-19, and will continue to make progress against aids and other health crises “.

It was felt that the researchers ” are making great progress. To develop better diagnostic tools to identify those who are infected. Investments go to the banks of antiviral drugs, a branch of science which was under-invested “.

“We also make great progress on the vaccine. These platforms will not be only useful against a specific virus. They will also help us against the V. I. H.. But, of course, there is a big difference between having a platform and ensure that we deliver its products to all those who need them, ” stressed Bill Gates.

The second reason for his optimism, he added, is the solidarity on a global scale, already manifested in the fight against aids, with the Global Fund, created in 2002, and the program using u.s. PEPFAR, launched by George W. Bush, and in particular for the sub-saharan Africa.

“Whether this is aids, or COVID-19, the global cooperation and determination to invent tools and to deliver them to where they are most needed, are crucial “, he insisted.

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