Filed for divorce: Anastasia Prikhodko told about the conflict with her husband

Last year a couple within two months living separately

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Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, who recently got married with her husband Alexander, spoke about the conflicts in the family. So, because of the explosive character of the artist in the past year, the couple within two months living separately. Moreover, it was found that Alexander filed for divorce.

Officially Anastasia Prikhodko got married back in 2013. Then the pair got married at the Central registry office in tracksuits. In 2015, Anastasiya gave birth to the beloved son of the proud. However, after five 5 years of married life, Anastasia and Alexander had a falling out.

“If I have exploded, I was beginning to say. All that I know. All they had to remember everything that happened. And I will not stop. But then comes the second phase, I hurt, but then too hard on myself for what I have said many things. But I will not go first to apologize. Because if I’m offended, I’m not saying. Not talking. Do not say,” admits the singer.

Подавал на развод: Анастасия Приходько рассказала о конфликте с мужем

Anastasia Prikhodko

Numerous resentment, silence and periodic tantrums Prikhodko has led to the fact that one day her husband just filed for divorce, and a young family even went almost two months.

“I already thought about how to get used to living alone. But my husband told me that such stupid people do not disagree. I know my fault in this, and my husband,” recalls Anastasia.

But before you burn bridges, the wife decided to dot the “I”, frankly speaking. And it worked. Alexander and Anastasia decided that because of such stupid things like silence and tantrums, to leave just not worth it. Prikhodko has promised to be more lenient and even started to learn to make compromises that earlier it was extremely difficult.

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Note, once said that the conflict in the family Prikhodko occurred because of another woman, but the artist has denied this information: “anything, but we haven’t”.

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