Film fans are few in number, but happy

Des cinéphiles peu nombreux, mais heureux

Maxime Demers

Huguette Houde had trouble hiding his excitement when she set foot in the Cinema The Clap as soon as it reopened Friday morning. “I’m glad”, she whispered to the employee who has sold his ticket to go and see 14 days and 12 nights.

This film was presented as early as 10 a.m., at the Cinema The Clap, in Sainte-Foy.

They were few, but movie buffs who have taken over the cinemas, in this great day of déconfinement cinemas, were happy to reunite with the big screen.

This was the case for Richard Lepage, met at the Cinéma Quartier Latin, Montreal.

“I was so looking forward to going back to the cinema that I was willing to go see any movie”, launched the movie buff who has opted for the French comedy Doctor?, starring Michel Blanc.

“I hate watching movies on tv”, for its part, argues Huguette Houde, who presented to the Cpmp, in Sainte-Foy, with a cover face. “I love the big screen and I wanted to be at the first performance because I got bored.”

The COVID-19 did not scare anyone.

“I’m not at all worried for my safety. I wear the mask and I’m going to respect the distance,” said Richard Lepage.

The rooms were a little busy in the beginning of the day.

“Rush to normal”

Social distancing has not been put in danger. As expected, the cinemas have not been taken by assault, when the doors open.

At the Cinéma Beaubien, in Montreal, a handful of moviegoers were presented in the morning. There were four spectators for the first screening of the French comedy 100 pounds all-star, 10-h, and six to 10: 30 p.m. for the film, a franco-tunisian , A son.

“For a Friday morning, I would say that it is a rush to normal”, stressed the director general of the Cinéma Beaubien, Mario Fortin. “Our first customers were mostly regulars who had obviously look forward to coming back.”

A room full

Not to be a big mess not at the Cinema Quartier Latin, in the early afternoon. The discount to reopening offered by the cinemas of the chain, Cineplex ($5 a ticket) has even attracted a few cinema goers.

Ditto to the Cineplex Sainte-Foy, where The Log crossed a few people in the lobby before the start of the projections.

A lady who went to see a movie of Asterix with his daughter had not even realized that it was a day of re-opening. “It is a chance, we were looking for an activity not too expensive to do so.”

Interestingly, during our visit, a representation of Bloodshot, in the evening, it was already full. Fifty clients to the maximum, obviously.

Still, this action film featuring Vin Diesel comes definitely to take a serious option on the head of the box office this first weekend of cinema in four months in Quebec.

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