Film: other films pushed back?

Cinéma: d’autres films repoussés?

The dramatic increase in new cases of coronavirus in some of the southern states of the United States could force the hollywood studios to review once more their calendar for the summer. Disney dream even to push back the release of the family film Mulan.

Announced as one of the first big hollywood productions to storm the cinemas this summer, Mulan should normally take the poster on the 24th of July. But according to an article published Thursday on the website of The Hollywood Reporter, the studio Disney would be concerned about the outbreak of new cases of COVID-19 in some american states (including Florida, California and Texas) and jonglerait with the idea of further delaying the release of the film.

“If it is confirmed, this would be a very bad news,” responded Thursday, the president of Cinemas Guzzo, Vincent Guzzo.

Less movies

The owners of cinemas of Quebec, who are preparing for their reopening for the July 3, already know that they will have to deal with this was programming to be lighter than usual because the big hollywood studios have pushed back the release of several of their blockbusters.

For the time being, only a handful of big american movies are still the summer schedule : Mulan (July 24), the action thriller Tenet (July 31) and the comedy Bill & Ted Face the Music (August 14).

For the first few weeks following their reopening, the cinemas of the province will present a mixture of international developments and of recent films whose career is in room had been cut short by the pandemic.

Of quebec films such as Mafia Inc. and 14 Days, 12 nights will resume the shows in some cinemas from 3 July.

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