Filming in May and June: a sequel for the thriller “One way”

Shooting in May and June: a sequel to the thriller «One Way


The “One Way” thriller will finally get a second season. 

Filming will begin in May, for about eight weeks, according to this learned by the QMI Agency on Thursday. Bell Media did not want to confirm the information officially and it was not possible to obtain the comments of the producers Sylvie Gaudreault and Josée Vallée, of Sphère Média Plus, who produce this drama with the tunes of Agatha Christie. Michel Corriveau's music is captivating.

Six people – a former police officer, a religious art dealer, a retired teacher, a marketing director, a star criminal lawyer and a businesswoman – who do not know each other are invited under various pretexts to stay at the property of a billionaire. The helicopter in which they take place must land urgently in an isolated sector, the occupants finding refuge in a huge house in the middle of the forest and on the edge of a lake, and it is then that the mysterious accidents and the disappearances follow one another, creating a feeling of panic among those who are still there.

The series written by Bernard Dansereau, Annie Piérard and Étienne Piérard-Dansereau earned Luc Picard the Gémeaux for best male lead role: drama series, last September.

In addition to Luc Picard, the first six episodes directed by Yan Lanouette Turgeon and broadcast in winter 2022 on Noovo bring together Marc Beaupré, Éric Bruneau, Caroline Dhavernas, Nathalie Doummar, Germain Houde, Anick Lemay, Rémi-Pierre Paquin, Anie Pascale, Samian and Jean-Nicolas Verreault. Latecomers can catch up on the first season on Crave.