Finalist of “X-2” is coming for the heart of the unearthly Bachelor juicy details

Финалистка "Эксов-2" придет за сердцем неземного Холостяка, пикантные подробности

New Bachelor, photo: press service of the STB

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In the new season of reality TV “Bachelor” love will look for 34-year-old pilot, owner of the flight school in Miami – Max Mikhailyuk. The channel began to reveal the secrets and showed the first participants.

One of them becomes a former participant reality “X 2” – striking blonde Leia. She tried to save the relationship, but after the completion of the project, the couple broke up.

Финалистка "Эксов-2" придет за сердцем неземного Холостяка, пикантные подробности

The participant of “X-2” on the Bachelor, photo: press service of the STB

“I realized that it was not love and do not want to live. Almost seven-year relationship ended in one day. I want to be happy. I want to be with a man who will support me and love for who I am,” admits Leah.

The girl admitted that he really hopes to find in the project “the Bachelor” love. Leah hopes that Max will be able to consider not only bright appearance, but also inner peace.

6 March at the STB starts the long-awaited 10th season of the reality the romantic Bachelor, the protagonist of which was 34-year-old pilot and owner of the flight school in USA Max Mikhailyuk. At STB said, as he removed the colourful promo for the new season.

“We started with the needs and desires of all women. After all, every girl at least once in a lifetime dream, so it got a star from the sky. In fact, who does not like the pilot – the person who most of the time in the sky capable of such a feat? We can say that the idea of lying on the surface. Moreover, when we first met with max and asked if he would get a star from the sky for his beloved, he replied: “easy”! We understand that it is a great idea, and it’s about our hero, not just a beautifully told story,” said promotion Director STB Lidia Pankiv.

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