Finalists of the Make It Smart in Lviv: introduction and first impressions

We continue to talk about how the students of the leading Ukrainian universities, the finalists Make It Smart, looking for technological solutions that will help make life in their cities more comfortable

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Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

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In the previous article we introduced you to the finalists Make It Smart – students of those universities that seek to change the country.

So, the first meeting of the finalists Make It Smart before you travel to European cities to big city in search of new technologies took place in Lviv – one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. The architecture of the old town, museums and parks, cozy restaurants and bustling gastropubs – all this created a unique atmosphere.

The sustainable development Manager, DTEK Energo – Alina Sulkowska talks about the Make It Smart: ideas and ambitious goals of the project. Look!

The students quickly found a common language and went to explore the area. All the guys said that Lviv is a very picturesque town.

The team was raised at the town hall, toured palaces and cathedrals, roamed the quiet streets of the city, tried local beer, got acquainted with the peculiarities of Galician cuisine and shared their expectations from the trip. And to discuss the kids were, because they drove completely different projects in Europe to assess experts in the field of Smart City. Of course, evaluated students, in terms of technology and Lviv.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

Timur Fursaev, a student of Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic

“Lviv is a stunning city that gives great emotions, a lot of energy and, for a small sum of money – good chocolate, coffee and the view. But it was the only big minus: one day in order to get acquainted with all the sights, architectural treasures, a variety of stalls, shops, pubs, – is not enough. Special thanks to the flavor of the streets.

But to call lions Smart I can not, as compared to European cities it is a little behind. For example, in Lviv I have not found alternative forms of energy (windmills, solar panels and etc.). I would say that Ukraine and all of its cities have something to aim for. For example, I know that recently in Nikolaev mounted wind turbines – and that’s good news. It seems to me that we need to learn from all the great cities of Europe for building outside the city wind farms. And plants for processing of garbage.”

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

Elizabeth burrows, a student of Kiev Polytechnic

“The first city that we visited was picturesque Lviv. We were impressed with the architecture of the old city, namely, the Dominican Church and the Cathedral of Saints Olga and Elizabeth. I would like to mention and smart technologists who are already embedded in the infrastructure of the city: in the center of the set of stationary containers for separating garbage and a city Bicycle, download the application. Pay attention to the information terminals for tourists. But “smart”-the level of Warsaw, and Berlin city is still far away”.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

Vadim Krzanowski – student, Lviv Polytechnic

“Lviv – the city, located on the border with Europe. This is quite evident in the development of our city when compared with other Ukrainian cities.

After all, there are a large number of technologies in Lviv and European cities: using mobile apps for services. For example, Bicycle rental in Lviv is the same as renting scooters in Warsaw.

In General, smart technology is replacing the human in the automatic process. Therefore, in European countries, is actively developing and spreading. For example, a very interesting shopping in the grocery stores without the participation of the sellers. That is, the buyer simply selects the desired product and is automatically calculated in the supermarket, without the participation of the seller.”

Roman Karplyuk, Lviv Polytechnic:

“For me, “smart” in terms of cities is a comfort. If to take into account the lions, then we have the possibility of renting bicycles can be rented at one location and return it in another after the trip. But there is a problem with a small number of paths. In Europe, however, was not only Bicycle paths and traffic lights for cyclists. This option facilitates the movement of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists themselves. Even in Lviv there is a possibility in trams and trolley buses to pay the fare through the app Privat24, which to some extent facilitates the trip.

If you compare our cities with the European, it is, first and foremost, the confidence of the country, the city to the citizens. A simple example – the metro in Germany. There are no ticket barriers or inspectors who check if you got a ticket, but simply are the terminals that sell tickets.

I believe that Ukraine is moving in the direction of “smart”, because little by little we learn from the experience and implement technology. Of the main issues is the pace of implementations, but this too will come with time”.

As will be appreciated by specialists in the field of Smart City projects guys and which are the students from Warsaw, see the next article for our project “Make It Smart: Ukrainian students looking for new technology for Ukraine”.

About the contest:

Make It Smart competition of student projects to improve infrastructure of cities using new technologies and taking into account the principles of a Smart City. Is supported by DTEK, in partnership with leading universities.

The contest helps to understand what innovative solutions are needed Ukrainian cities. Budding innovators will receive design recommendations from the experts and gurus of the industry, Smart City*.

The team whose project will win, will be able to put it into practice.

*Smart city (smart city) is the principle use of modern technology to improve the quality of life in cities and villages.

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Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart во Львове: знакомство и первые впечатления


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