Finalists of the Make It Smart in Warsaw: what is most memorable teams the capital of Poland

Students of the leading Ukrainian universities went to Warsaw in search of technological solutions to improve the comfort of life in their cities

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Финалисты проекта Make It Smart в Варшаве: чем запомнилась командам столица Польши

The participants of the project Make It Smart in Warsaw

“Today” continue to talk about how the students of the leading Ukrainian universities, the finalists Make It Smart looking for technological solutions that will help make life in their cities more comfortable. Previously, we introduced you to the finalists of the draft Make It Smart who seek to change our country, and also spoke about the first meeting between the teams in Lviv before travel for European big city in search of new technologies.

So, after visiting the cultural center of Ukraine – Lviv – our heroes went to Warsaw, where he first became acquainted with the city and then presented their innovative projects and listened to the experts-entrepreneurs in the field of Smart City. Read more we will tell about it in following materials.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart в Варшаве: чем запомнилась командам столица Польши

Warsaw: the Old town

Warsaw – capital of Poland, the architecture of which reflects a long and complex history of the city. Gothic churches, neoclassical palaces, the typical buildings of the Soviet period and modern skyscrapers. All this creates a unique atmosphere of the Polish capital.

The city was definitely the crowd favourite. All noted the vastness of Warsaw, which promotes convenient movement for eco-vehicles, in particular, on bicycles and Segways. The team impressed the fact that the city is trying to introduce modern transport technologies – short-term rental car, smoothering, taxis, and doing everything possible for this. Scooter or a car you can easily rent via mobile app in your phone. This is a great solution to budget, and fast enough to get from one end of town to another.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart в Варшаве: чем запомнилась командам столица Польши

The team of Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic

“Struck by the large number of bicycles and Segways, and all that they made separate paths, separate traffic lights,” said Artem Savenko, a student of Zaporizhzhya Polytechnic.

Walking through Warsaw’s attractions, the students pointed out the architectural value of the city, as well as scientific and technological progress of the country.

Watch as the team of Lviv Polytechnic testing services rental of Segways:

“The first impression of the city was calm. It is almost no different from many cities of Ukraine. However, the real flavor of the city we felt when were in the Warsaw library. It was a true reflection of modern science and architecture. A good place to achieve harmony in the acquisition of knowledge and just relaxing with the family,” says Elizabeth burrows, a student of the Dnieper Polytechnic.

University library in Варшаве1/9

“The next object of our visit was the Center for Science “Copernicus”. In this center reflected the scientific and technical progress of the country. This place made us have memories about the contest in Kiev in DTEK Academy. Then, proceeding towards the Old town, we saw places such as the residence of the President of Poland, Royal castle, Column of king Sigismund, the Church of St. Anne and many other historical monuments. Seen left we have unrivalled experience and understanding of the architectural values of the city,” said Maria Filenko, a student at Kiev Polytechnic.

Warszawiewarszawa: Old город1/9

Team Dnipro Polytechnic especially imbued Warsaw, comparing it with the lions. “Even in comparison with Lviv Warsaw became open to us. Comparing these two cities, we found very striking differences. Lviv has a very even colour in its architecture in comparison with the bright dollhouses Warsaw”, – shared his impressions of the guys.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart в Варшаве: чем запомнилась командам столица Польши

Team Dnipro Polytechnic

In addition, our heroes are impressed by the Warsaw concern about the environment. In the Polish metropolis is concerned with the sorting of trash in every yard there are several different colors of tanks for different types of waste and, therefore, the city purchased the necessary modern garbage trucks.

Финалисты проекта Make It Smart в Варшаве: чем запомнилась командам столица Польши

Warsaw takes care about the environment

How was the second day in Warsaw and how to evaluate innovation projects of Ukrainian students experts in the field of Smart City, read the following material for our project “Make It Smart: Ukrainian students looking for new technology for Ukraine”.

The sustainable development Manager, DTEK Energo – Alina Sulkowska tells about new projects of DTEK, which focus on the implementation of smart technologies in Ukraine. Look!

About the contest:

Make It Smart competition of student projects to improve infrastructure of cities using new technologies and taking into account the principles of a Smart City. Is supported by DTEK, in partnership with leading universities.

The contest helps to understand what innovative solutions are needed Ukrainian cities. Budding innovators will receive design recommendations from the experts and gurus of the industry, Smart City*.

The team whose project will win, will be able to put it into practice.

*Smart city (smart city) is the principle use of modern technology to improve the quality of life in cities and villages.

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