Finally, baby Timothy

Voici finalement bébé Timothé

The little Timothy, 6 weeks, was finally able to meet her great-grandfather for the first time, yesterday. His family has welcomed the déconfinement like a breath of fresh air.

“It is so beautiful,” exclaims Richard Cléroux, about Timothy, born in mid-April.

Like many Quebecers, he has taken advantage of the déconfinement and the nice time to get together with his family he had not seen in person for over two months.

“A beautiful little guy. It looks like his great-grandfather, ” insisted the 72 year old man, mockingly, about his first great-grandchild.

The man was able to see the baby yesterday in the courtyard at his son.

“I had just seen it on a Kodak. It’s not the same. ”

This meeting, if desired it was, was not possible a week ago. The government of François Legault made the announcement on Wednesday that Quebecers could start to have meetings of 10 people and less to the outside, as long as they continue to keep two meters distance.

The closest… to 2 meters

Vicky Cléroux, 20 years, and Lidia Dujmovic, 23 years of age, the two mothers of Timothy, welcome these moments with joy. The two women of Saint-Jerome, on the North Shore of Montreal, live in head-to-head with their baby since now six weeks.

“Just a little 15 minutes [in the presence of a loved one]” is enough to give a boost of energy, summarizes Mrs. Dujmovic.

They were well presented Timothy with several members of the family through a window or a pane of glass self in the weeks following birth, but the presence in person is irreplaceable.

“We feel more close friends [in person], even if technically, it is further than behind glass “, given the measures of distancing physics to abide by, ” says Ms. Cléroux.

This is what makes these meetings bitter-sweet for the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents can see the newborn, but not touching it.

“It is hard to remember to take it,” said Richard Cléroux.

Kisses hoped for

“I look forward to the keep. Give him small beaks, that he can fall asleep in our arms, ” says his son Ricky Cléroux, the grand-father of Timothy.

Ricky Cléroux was even supposed to be present at the birth before the health crisis, comes in to screw up the plans.

Within the family of the other mom, we are waiting eagerly to be able to hug Timothy.

“My mother hood, it is a real torture for her,” said Mrs. Dujmovic.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the tears of joy, tears of sorrow not to be able to be closer, finds the young mother.

“It changes so fast at that age. It is times that you can’t find “, abounds Louise David, the mother of Mrs. Dujmovic, in a telephone interview.

Hard, but “the fun

In turn, she will be able to meet Timothy in person today.

“It is hard, but it is fun at the same time “, said the grandma.

For parents, it is also the opportunity to have a respite of a few hours that the dream of a déconfinement full.

“We can not receive all the help that people would like to give us,” says Vicky Cléroux.

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