Finally back on the ground

Enfin de retour sur le terrain

Tuesday morning in a park in Blainville, there was nothing that could disturb a few dozens of young players, and soccer players who are trained, not even of small flies, insistent, or the commuter train which passed a few tens of meters of them.

They participated in the first training session to be convened since the end of the containment team sports.

“The sky is gray, but it is a beautiful day. We see the smiles of the young people, we had to hastily return to it, we are happy “, was launched with a broad smile the general director of Soccer Quebec, Mathieu Chamberland.

“I said to people this morning [Tuesday], I didn’t think it would be possible this year, and we are there, he added. I couldn’t miss it this morning. “

“I arrived in the Azores at the age of 9 years and I’ve never missed a summer of soccer. Today, I arrived on the synthetic and I found that it smelled good, ” she said Armando Melo, technical director of Soccer Laurentides.


The children, however, must confront a new reality. They arrive at the field and must first make the file respecting the two meters of distance. They will then sanitize their hands and answer questions about their state of health, after which they will be able to go out on the field.

“The protocol applies, it is realistic, the youth did not look surprised, I have the impression that they find their environment, explained Mathieu Chamberland relieved. It requires a few adaptations, but it’s going very well. It looks like they have never stopped. “

And the children play the game without too much difficulty. The clubs have particular appeal to “supervisors” Horacio “, a nod to the national director of the Québec public health, Horacio Arruda. They help to enforce the sanitary rules.

“It is necessary to accustom not to touch the balloons because it is necessary to disinfect them, but they are beginning to understand how all the steps work.

We did not have to intervene too often to ask them to respect the distance of two meters, ” said Armando Melo, who had inherited the role on Tuesday morning.

The work

The clubs have had to work a little to implement the protocol, but all in all, it is going well.

“It was not a puzzle, but there has been some work. I have to say that Soccer in Quebec has been good in the development of the plan, the canvas work was very well mounted, ” said Yann Le Queau, director-general of the AS Blainville.

It recognizes, however, that there is more work to organize the training due to the health protocol imposing.

“It has been long enough to climb, there is still a lot of work on the setup of the site. It was installed pellets of estrangement, it was of the stations of washing of hands and it still remains to install.

“It is up to each session that it’s going to take a lot of work on the part of staff to set up and take down the site. “


For the moment, it is only the first of the five phases set out in the plan of Soccer Quebec. We keep the distances. The exercises are more competitive will resume during phase 2. But this is the direction of the public health, which will decide the sequence of the phases, and non-Soccer Quebec.

And like most young people require more supervision and parental presence increased on the field, the return-to-play is currently the U7 and more.

It is hoped, however, that the return-to-play will inspire confidence to many parents.

“All those who were reluctant to enroll in soccer, it may be time to reconsider the situation. The young people are going to have fun, they are going to let off steam and they are going to spend a great summer, ” said Mathieu Chamberland.

“At this time, it may be 30 % to 35 % refund. We are already beginning to receive calls from people who are actually repay, and that change of opinion “, said Yann Le Queau.

The children are happy

There were smiles on the faces of the children who participated in their first soccer practice for too long on Tuesday morning.

“We had nothing to do during the containment, where we can do sport and see our friends,” says Juliette Asselin.

This return is also pleasure to the general manager of their club, the AS Blainville.

“We thought of maybe not begin before the day camps, but we are already on the ground, so it is a pleasant surprise,” says Yann Le Queau.


And is it possible to have fun despite the rules of estrangement ?

“Yeah ! We can do games password, we can laugh with our friends at a distance, it does not mean that we cannot enjoy ourselves, ” says William Bourassa.

It remains the same when everything is not like before. For the time being.

“This is not normal, relativizes Juliette Asselin. You can’t do the games where it is close not more. It remains in small boxes. “

But William Bourassa, do not take offense. For him, the most important thing is to be back on the field.

“It is sure that you must get used to the distance, can not be used directly, it’s going to take a bit of practice. “

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