Finally the repechage for Matthew Bergeron

Finally the draft for Matthew Bergeron


Not everyone goes through a hiring process like Matthew Bergeron. The past few weeks have been busy for the Victoriaville blocker with a succession of interviews for the NFL Draft, which will be held from Thursday to Saturday. On the menu, destabilizing questions, ranging from his skills on the field to his talents… in mini-golf.

It's all been there and it seems like there's nothing too wacky when it comes to NFL teams assessing which prospects will be in their sights in the days ahead.

Bergeron, in addition to having met the 32 teams at the NFL evaluation camp in March in Indianapolis, has since taken part in numerous interviews which required a lot of gymnastics in his schedule.

The offensive lineman estimates that he spoke to different teams between 12 and 15 times via Zoom in addition to touring the United States visiting the facilities of seven clubs. 

Each time , it was much more than Bergeron's obvious talent and football knowledge that came under scrutiny.

“I was asked things like my favorite song or what I would do on a desert island if I had a choice of one thing to have with me. I was made to play darts and played mini golf in a team office.

“It's weird, but I think the teams just wanted to see my reaction to unexpected situations. You just try to stay yourself in these situations that come out of nowhere,” said Bergeron during a videoconference organized by NFL Canada with the Quebec media.

A grueling journey

By Saturday at the latest, Bergeron will know his next destination and it won't be too soon. The one who is generally seen as a second- or third-round prospect admits that the last times have been rather dizzying. 

“The hardest part is walking from place to place, taking the plane every day. I'm a big guy and the plane is not the most comfortable place for me. You move from one time zone to another. You go to bed late and you get up early. 

That was the hardest part of the process because you also have to manage your training since rookie camp will be held shortly. time after the draft,” he noted.

An image for sale

In this quest for his dream, Bergeron had to learn to deal with a facet of the job with which he is not necessarily comfortable, namely selling his salad.

“It's something I don't like to do, to brag and talk about myself. You have to because it's a job interview and I'm looking for a job. I do this while remaining humble and it's something important,” he said, specifying that in the end, the exercise went well.

“After each visit, I said to myself that it really went well. I could see myself playing in all the places I went. I had good feedback from the coaches.”

The wait is over

Now we just have to wait for the call. If Bergeron really comes out in the second or third round as many analysts predict, it's Friday evening that he will know his fate.

He will be in Victoriaville for the occasion with his friends and loved ones.

“I want to experience this with my inner circle. I don't want a big party. The city of Victoriaville was really kind to help us. Unfortunately in my basement there is not enough room for 20 to 25 people! 

“After my training on Thursday, that’s when the stress will start. I'm as much looking forward to seeing friends as I haven't seen in a long time as getting drafted. It will be a great moment, really!” summarized Bergeron.