Finally, the return of shopping in stores

Enfin le retour des emplettes en magasins

The health measures put in place have not prevented fond of shopping to find their retail favorites in the greater region of Montreal, yesterday. The Newspaper was on hand for the reopening expected.

Don’t touch it !

Some merchants have chosen not to let the customers handle the goods by reason of the COVID-19.

The toy shop Imaginus in the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, on the South Shore, which was known to let the kids have fun with the demonstrators, has made this decision.

“We have them all stored away in the beginning of the pandemic,” explained the owner Karine Richer, who was in the company of Johanne Saint-Germain, a client.

She’s already planning to prevent children under 8 years of age to enter if they have difficulties to comply with the safety instructions.

The stores of personal care and cosmetics do not leave the customers to test the products.

“Rather than allow the customer to touch, we value an educational approach where the associates will show clients how to apply the products on sketches of faces,” says Jessie Reed, a specialist in corporate communications for Hudson Bay.

– Maude Ouellet and Catherine Genest, QMI Agency

Clothes in quarantine

In the clothing shops, we preferred boxes of quarantine for not having to wash everything.

At Vero Moda the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, on the South Shore, pants, tops and dresses are handled solely by the vendors.

“Once in the cabin, the customers will leave the clothes they don’t buy in a box to this effect,” said the manager of the branch, Annie Beauchemin (center of Meganne Costa and Nika feradji).

To which is stores Tristan, customers must bring their own selected clothing to the fitting room. The pieces attempted, which are not sold are steam cleaned.

– Maude Ouellet

Port of the mask variable

Most of the employees of the businesses visited by The Newspaper were wearing protective equipment, such as the cover face, the visor and even the gloves. It was, however, different for the customer.

At the Premium Outlets Montreal, located at Mirabel on the North Shore, between 10% and 15% of consumers encountered wore a mask in the morning, according to our estimate.

In the Centre of Laval, it was more of a client on two that was hidden.

The Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, it was less than half of people who wore a mask, as Annie Trépanier and Karolane Braban.

Public Health recommends, however, wear a covering face in public places, especially when the distance physics of the two meters is not possible.

– Cédérick Caron

Still closed

Even if the government has authorized the re-opening of shops with an entrance doorway outside since yesterday in the Greater Montreal area, not all the stores that were open.

The Quartier DIX30, about half of the shops were closed. At the Premium Outlets Montreal, the doors of nearly 20 % of the stores were closed.

Several of them seemed to prepare for an opening in the next few days, as the shoe store Aldo Mirabel.

Some were still closed because they were waiting for protective equipment in order to properly serve their clientele.

– Cédérick Caron

Shopping local deserts

If several have vowed to buy local at the beginning of the pandemic, this commitment seemed to have been forgotten yesterday.

The local shops of the avenue du Mont-Royal were, for the most deserts, while long lines stretched in front of the large banners from the city centre.

Some sellers were waiting with impatience to meet clients.

“This is a first, it is the least we can say,” said Svetlana, saleswoman for the boutique of jewelry and watches Maha Lakshmi in Montreal.

Vanessa Lachance, owner of the shop Signed Local to the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, seemed also disappointed with the traffic volume is low.

“Fortunately, online purchases are still going very well,” she confirmed.

– Maude Ouellet and Alex Proteau, QMI Agency

Disappointed by the online trade

For several clients we work with at the Quartier DIX30, the purchase online was hardly possible.

This is the case of Monique Bérubé came to buy shoes.

“I have a heel Spurs. I absolutely must try the shoes before you buy anything, ” explained the resident of The Prairie.

For Mégan that was the queue in front of the store Thyme maternity, it is also difficult to buy clothing on the internet.

“I’m pregnant with my first child and I don’t know my size “, she said.

Victor Lussier, accompanied by Julia Fortin, was waiting for him, always the shorts that he had ordered a month ago on the web.

“It promises to be more than 30 degrees this week. I didn’t want to wait, ” he said.

– Maude Ouellet

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