Financial health: the bars are “sick”

Santé financière: les bars sont «malades»

The calls for help continue in the middle of the bars. “It is sick”, says even the president of the Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec (UTBQ), Peter Sergakis.

This week, Mr. Sergakis said he had received between 10 and 12 calls a day from owners of bars thoughts seriously to close the establishment permanently. It is three times more than at the beginning of the crisis.

“They say to me: “I can no longer be opened. I don’t know what to do. Is the government going to help us ?” People panic”, details there.

“If we close one more time, we will close for all time”, ahead of the one that carefully monitors the actions of the government, and fears that Quebec decides to close the bars in the event of an extension of the influx of clients reported positive COVID-19.

Mr. Sergakis is that the bars where people can be seated in addition to be hidden (all customers will be on Saturday) remain open.

“I don’t think there are big problems. For the Québécois, to be able to go to bars, have a drink and socialize, it is good for mental health,” he says.
“For this to be possible, the industry is ready to follow all instructions of public health. The health of the population and our employees is very important to us”, does it to add.

Such closures could displace the problem, he believes.

“The world is going to go to the party in the park, in the streets without any monitoring”, he afraid.

Mandatory subsidies

Before any decision of the public health, M. Sergakis and UTBQ require to meet them, and want a financial help to all the keepers of bars.

“All the bars of Quebec, even if they are open, they lose money. We must keep them open and lose money?”, goes-t-he.

“It is necessary that they [the government] support us. They can’t let us die,” he says, estimating that the industry of the bars represents 200 000 direct jobs and 100 000 indirect jobs.

The amount offered would vary according to the type of institutions. Considering the difficulty to operate according to their business model, the nightclubs and the theaters should get more, according to Peter Sergakis.

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