Find your life purpose

Find your life purpose


Apparently, we all have a life mission. Those who are happy in what they do and in life in general would have found their reason for being, while the others, for whom everything is always too heavy to bear and whose lack of motivation is flagrant, should make a soul-searching in order to live an uplifting life, says best-selling author Wayne Dyer.

The so-called Father of Motivation, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, wrote some 40 books, 20 of which made the New York Times bestseller list. , in addition to having been an internationally renowned speaker. He proposes, with this book now available in French, that everyone can live according to their reason for being and find their life mission, in order to experience inner peace and evolve towards fulfilment.

To achieve this, the author suggests finding your own passion, the one that makes you vibrate passionately, whether in the context of a possible career or a hobby. This passion should instantly make you feel like you're in perfect harmony with what you're here for. If you have no idea what this is about, take notes and write down everything that comes to mind.

Think about what you like and don't dare to do, or think back to what you were passionate about when you were a child or teenager, chances are that this flame can rekindle again. Or maybe a teacher or a friend recognized you as having some talent in some field. Keep an open mind, there are no ridiculous ideas when listening to the voice of the heart. 

Under no circumstances

< p>For the most part, we know immediately what excites us, which causes a crazy enthusiasm inside us. However, there is too often an excuse that prevents us from going towards what excites us. 

Find your life mission

Live according to your purpose, Wayne W. Dyer, Les Éditions Le Dauphin Blanc, 187 pages

For example, for a person who would like to go back to school to redirect their career, it is far too easy to give up on the pretext that one is too busy, that it is too late or that one lacks resources. The same is true for anyone thinking of going into business. 

Of course, there will be obstacles, the author reminds us, otherwise there would be no challenge. That's life. But the game is worth the candle if it is about our deep desire.

With the help of exercises and examples, Wayne Dyer tries to provide solutions to the various problems that prevent to lead the life that enchants us.

The author also suggests not spreading your goals to those around you since there will always be someone ready to demolish your dreams. Inevitably, argumentation and justification will ensue, leading too often to discouragement or worse, to renunciation. 

For example, how many parents have told their children – teachers have too – that they would not succeed in the artistic field? However, many followed their instincts and by force of will, managed to get where they wanted to go. Hence the importance of freeing oneself from the opinions of others.

Beyond fears

According to the author, one must also learn to free from fears, since they are often the ones that prevent us from realizing our dreams or choosing the path we want. 

Past failures are often the source of the problem. Thus, the challenge is to try to free yourself from your previous bad experiences by trying to learn from the past. We must look forward by doing things differently, while keeping in mind that it is possible to succeed.

In fact, very few people have experienced significant success without having experienced failure. We must remain realistic by being aware that the challenges are part of the equation, without stopping to dream and, of course, take action by devoting the necessary efforts. 

Like the Olympic athlete who visualizes his prowess before executing it, we must not be afraid to imagine having succeeded and never turn our backs on the final objective, even when we falls.

It's the only way to get to the top and earn the life you deserve.

► Wayne W. Dyer wrote before his death forty books, including Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, The Power of Intention and The 10 Secrets to Success.

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