Fines for Mavericks and Hornets after scuffle

Fines for Mavericks and Hornets after scuffle

(New York) The NBA fined three players a total of US $ 85,000 for their roles in a scuffle during a game between Charlotte and Dallas.

James Johnson of the Mavericks was fined $ 40,000. In the Hornets camp, Cody Martin was relieved of $ 25,000 and Caleb Martin of $ 20,000.

The altercation occurred with around 2:40 left in Wednesday’s game, a 118-99 victory for the Hornets.

The NBA mentioned that Johnson deliberately pushed Cody Martin off the field, “by confronting him aggressively and causing the incident.” Martin was fined him for pushing Johnson in retaliation and coming into contact with a match referee.

Caleb Martin was fined for participating in the action and for contacting a referee.

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