Finished the $ 2 per hour more for large banners

Fini le 2 $ de l’heure en plus chez les grandes bannières

After the giant Olymel, Walmart, Loblaw, Metro, Lowe’s and Dollarama cease in turn to pay the premium COVID $ 2 per hour to their employees.

In the 71 stores, Walmart, the premium of $ 2 per hour is a thing of the past since may 31, said his spokesman, Steeve Azoulay.

“While the payroll has been delivered to the usual rate, we have new ways to help our partners,” he said, referring to the accelerated remittance of the premiums, with days of 20 % discount or even care virtual.

In the power supply, Loblaw and Metro have confirmed Thursday the Newspaper that their premium of $ 2 per hour will end next Saturday.

But a bonus for some

In a note to employees, president of Loblaw, Sarah Davis, has announced a new bonus one-off equivalent to two weeks of premium.

“This bonus will be added to your first paycheck of July “, she explained.

“In recognition of additional, our full-time employees will receive an amount of $ 200 and our part-time employees in the amount of $ 100 which will be paid by July 2 “, stressed the spokesperson of the Metro, Genevieve Gregory.

The Journal has had no response Thursday to the mother house, IGA, Sobeys.


On the side of Lowe’s, which has 182 corporate stores and affiliates RONA and 20 Réno-Dépôt, the hardware will cease to pay the premium of $ 2 per hour June 30, confirmed his spokesman, Valérie Gonzalo.

“In march, Lowe’s Canada announced a special payment to all of our associates are paid hourly, including those of its corporate stores, Lowe’s, RONA and Réno-Dépôt, or $ 300 for full-time associates, and $ 150 for part-time associates and seasonal staff “, she recalled.

At Dollarama, it will put an end to its 10% premium at the end of the month.

“Dollarama continues to evaluate options related to the compensation of its employees, taking into account the business environment, the measures announced by the government and actions taken to ensure the well-being of employees,” said his publicist, Lyla Radmanovich.


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