Fire Brownsburg-Chatham: a plume of smoke visible from far away

Incendie à Brownsburg-Chatham: un panache de fumée visible de loin

no fire has destroyed hundreds of pallets of wood and two trucks 53 feet, Saturday afternoon, on the edge of a commercial building in Brownsburg-Chatham, in the Laurentians, causing flames and black smoke visible at several miles round.

According to information obtained by the director of the fire security service of the place, Michel Robert, a call has been housed at 15 h 34 to a vehicle fire on the road to Canton road (route 148).

The fire department arrives on the scene, the fire had an area of 150 feet by 200 feet, according to Mr. Robert. The warehouse nearby was not affected, he said.

The road was closed in both directions in the area.

Because of the intense heat, firefighters from several neighboring municipalities, including Lachute, were dispatched to the scene to support their colleagues in Brownsburg-Chatham.

“A few firefighters were overcome by the heat,” said the director Robert.

The cause of the fire remained to be determined. The case has been handed over to the police for investigation.

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