Fire on the Seveso de Saipol site in Sète: what impact on air quality ?

Readings were carried out this Wednesday, April 10 in the evening to assess the impact of smoke on air quality.

This is a question that the Sétois quickly asked themselves, in front of the plume of black smoke escaping from the Saipol factory, classified Seveso. This Wednesday evening, while the firefighters were still mobilized to put out the fire, Colonel Éric Vial, deputy director of Sdis34, wanted to be reassuring.

Air analyzes carried out

"The wind helped push the volutes out to sea and limit the risk for people located nearby. The nature of the burned products also rules out the fear of toxic fumes." Air quality analyzes were carried out on site.

The first results communicated in the evening reported the release of gas, mainly carbon monoxide and dioxide, but also polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), carbon dioxide ;rsquo;nitrogen and hydrogen cyanide, in small quantities. The full results are expected this Thursday, warns the Prefecture.

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