Fire on Wellington South

A fire severely damaged Monday night, a disused building on Wellington Street South in Sherbrooke known for hosting squatters.
“The building was not powered. For the moment the origin of the fire is indeterminate. An inspector will investigate to find out, “says Stéphane Brochu, Division Manager for the Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service (SPIS).

At the time of going to press, the cause of the loss was still undetermined.

“We met the owner of the building who told us that people came regularly to squat the place. He had barricaded the openings, but it happened that some people manage to enter. The police were then called to get them out, “says Stéphane Brochu.

It was 8:30 pm when the fire department had to go there.

The fire was coming out of a window on the second floor of the building when the fire department arrived.

“We quickly adopted a defensive mode as the building was decommissioned,” says the SPIS division chief.

The residence affected by this disaster is located almost opposite the former hideout of the chapter of Sherbrooke Hells Angels.

Twenty firefighters intervened to extinguish the fire, which required two alarms.

“A firefighter was injured in the shoulder during the procedure. He suffered injuries that required his transportation to the hospital, “says Chief Brochu.

Traffic was diverted from the Acadie coast in a southerly direction much of the evening.

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