Firearms and ammunition will be rare

Les armes à feu et munitions se feront rares

SAGUENAY | This is the madness in the shops of hunting and fishing: in almost 10 years, there has never been a big traffic, especially for fire-arms or ammunition.

Either to buy, to adjust or to ask for advice, the firearms are very popular, already at this time of the year. The hunters fear that a second wave this fall.

“We talk about ammunition, crossbows, guns, people don’t want to miss anything during the hunting season, and prepare in case the shops should close their doors,” said the owner of Ecotone Nature Space Chicoutimi, Éric Lapointe.

Even the american suppliers are no longer able to meet the demand. The United States also experienced a large increase in sales of firearms and ammunition. There will necessarily be fewer goods on the shelves in canada.

If there ever was a shortage of ammunition, it will be necessary to find an alternative.

“The reloading of bullets is very popular with sport shooters, then, may be that now the hunters, too, will adopt this trend,” explained an advisor at Ecotone Nature Space.

If you do not speak yet of a shortage of hunters had already predicted the coup before the confinement.

“Before we close during the confinement, I sold ammunition especially AR-15 Rifles in huge quantity to hunters who have made their provisions. Of the time, it was for a dozen weapons,” said the manager of the Pronature Blackbrurn & Son Jonquière, Johnny Dallaire.

And if your purchases are not yet completed, be prepared to pay more. An increase of 5% to 11% of the price is to be expected for the next hunting season.

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