Firefox will be paid: for that you have to pay

In Mozilla Firefox will be the paid VPN services and cloud storage

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Today, 08:26

Firefox станет платным: за что придется платить

ProtonVPN announced a partnership with Mozilla

One of the most popular browser in the world Mozilla Firefox will soon receive premium service class. This was stated by CEO of Mozilla Chris Byrd in an interview with German magazine T3N. Byrd stressed that the charge function will appear in October of this year.

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In the paid version, users will be provided with servants VPN a also increased the amount of cloud storage Firefox Send. At the same time, the Director of Mozilla reassured loyal fans of the browser – existing options will remain free, and the paid features will be optional.

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In October 2018 ProtonVPN announced a partnership with Mozilla in an experiment to reach a wider audience. The service is virtual private network said, if all goes well, “we can offer ProtonVPN more than 300 million Firefox users”.

The cost of the subscription VPN unknown. It is reported that small volume and bandwidth in Firefox will be free of charge. It looks like that browser users will have two options: pay nothing and get weak VPN throughput, while wishing to get the most, can pay.

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It is worth noting that Mozilla would be quite difficult to convince users to pay for additional features of the browser. For example, many cloud storage offer enough space for storing large amount of information, and the nearest competitor, Opera built-in VPN is free and with unlimited traffic.

We will remind that earlier, the creators of Firefox asked for help from users. And in winter, Firefox has added an annoying feature which caused a scandal in the Internet.

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Firefox станет платным: за что придется платить

Firefox станет платным: за что придется платить

Firefox станет платным: за что придется платить


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