First charge the federal tied to riots in Minneapolis

Première inculpation fédérale liée aux émeutes de Minneapolis

A man from the State of Illinois which had brought the explosives in, events in Minnesota has been charged with incitement to riot by the us federal authorities, who have announced their first prosecution since the beginning of the demonstrations rocking the country.

This man, 28-year-old, Matthew Lee Rupert, did 500 miles to travel to the south of Minneapolis with the intention to loot and cause damage, say the documents provided to a federal court on Monday.

This passage from one State to the other gives the federal government the right to prosecute.

In a video that he himself put online on may 29, we can see that “get the explosives he possessed, and encourage other people to launch on the forces of order,” explains the u.s. department of Justice.

“I have bombs if some of you want to launch…. Hold on, I still have… Turn them on and throw them away “, can we hear him say, according to the complaint.

No mention is made of his inclination policy.

Saturday, the republican chairman Donald Trump and his minister of Justice Bill Barr explained that they were going to target the group of extreme left-wing “Antifa” for the violence that grace many of the events in tribute to George Floyd, a Black american killed there a little over a week in Minneapolis.

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