First essay by Véronique Alarie: question of benevolence

Véronique Alarie's first essay: a question of benevolence


Careful people are said to be emphatic and show compassion and selflessness. Choosing to be benevolent would be trendy according to the author Véronique Alarie, who is writing her first essay, has looked into the question while giving her frank opinion.

Trendy, yes, but is benevolence a choice? Véronique Alarie notes all the frenzy around the idea of ​​being benevolent and giving back, even quoting the American host Ellen DeGeneres who, in front of her viewers, wanted to help people in need. < /p>

Nevertheless, we are entitled to wonder if these gestures were a way of increasing its ratings or its notoriety. In fact, employees of Ellen's talk show have denounced bullying and sexual harassment behavior towards them from executive producers. “A work environment that is toxic to say the least, which the facilitator would have passively allowed to settle, according to them”, indicates the author. 

In the workplace

Véronique Alarie, who was self-employed for many years, recounts many situations where her employers showed no kindness to her. 

“How many times did I have to wait for months to receive payment for a mandate completed for ages,” she says. 

Discussing this issue with his managers was not well received.

Thus, it would be legitimate to ask whether benevolence should be one-way depending on the position occupied in a company. An employer who asks his team to show benevolence should nevertheless lead by example. But it is clear that the threat of the ejection seat at work is very present. 

“The truth is that some bosses will not hesitate to reduce us to an interchangeable employee devoid of any value intrinsic when they get all they can out of us and it's time to downsize to finish juicinglucky few who will be able to stay strong,” Véronique Alarie points out in her book. 

Many people have faced this situation during the pandemic, losing their jobs despite years of benevolence dedicated to the company for which they worked. 

By reading this book, we understand that for the majority of employers, benevolence is a beautiful concept, but that it is applied to variable geometry . 

It's also no wonder that in the current labor shortage there is disengagement on the part of employees.

If the wind should turn, employers will have to offer more than flexible hours and a pool table in the office. It will be necessary to show benevolence towards the employees, otherwise they will end up choosing companies whose culture corresponds to their values.

A very beautiful reflection is essential with this book which carries a certain irony towards the observation of benevolence.