Fise in Montpellier: more than 70,000 tickets already sold for the first paid edition in the history of the festival

Fise in Montpellier: more than 70,000 tickets already sold for the first paid edition in the history of the festival

Des centaines de milliers de spectateurs sont attendues. Midi Libre – LF

Les organisateurs du Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, qui aura lieu du mercredi au dimanche 12 mai, ont décidé de rendre payante l’entrée au site sur les rives du Lez. Ce qui ne semble pas refroidir les amoureux du Fise.

For the first time in its history, which began in 1997, there is a fee for entry to FISE. A choice "difficult to make", according to the organizers, which they justify by the desire to keep alive an event that has suffered large financial losses over the last two years (around 800 000  ;euros in 2022, 300,000 in 2023): "Since the health crisis, organizational costs and sporting specifications have increased enormously. And on the other hand, our income and revenues have stagnated, explains Joseph Villeflayoux, vice-president of Hurricane Group. We decided to reinvent the festival's economic model. We relied too much on partner revenues, we had to rebalance the sources of revenue by incorporating a third pillar in addition to community subsidies and aid from private partners: ticketing."

"The cheapest festival in Europe"

This was imagined as a participatory entry costing 10 euros for the 5 days of FISE, making it the cheapest festival in Europe , according to Joseph Villeflayoux. This in no way changes our desire to organize an inclusive event, especially as one part remains open and free: the Town Hall square, where we have planned the most reinforcements entertainment and activities with 3×3 basketball and music. We are living in a historic moment where we had to reinvent ourselves without changing the fundamentals and values ​​of the festival."

Since this weekend, the bar of 70,000 unique tickets sold has been exceeded. Something to rejoice the organizers who keep their ambitions high: "Despite some criticism, we have received a lot of support on social networks and from the athletes. Thanks to ticketing, we will be able to continue to balance the prize money between men and women, for example. The objective is to sell between 140,000 and 150,000 tickets and for spectators to return on average three times to achieve an attendance target for Fise 2024 of 450,000 visitors. "

Practical information

General public: 10 euros; – 10 years: 5 euros; Middle and high school students holding the Occitanie region Pass: 7; Free for people with disabilities and à mobility reduced.

Tickets on and on site.

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