Fisherman caught a huge catfish-record holder: video

A man from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania tells us that caught a fish for 25 minutes

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Today, 12:26

Рыбак выловил огромного сома-рекордсмена: видео

In the U.S., the fisherman caught catfish record

54-year-old Jeff Bonawitz from the village of East Lampeter, located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, fished in the Susquehanna river (Susquehanna River), a huge catfish-record weight of almost 23 kg, writes UPI.

The man says that caught a catfish for 25 minutes. “I’ve been fishing at this place, but never seen anything like it,” says Jeff Bonawitz. He brought the fish home and decided to leave the catch for the night in the container, the next day can be officially documented his weight in Columbia Bait and Tackle in Lancaster County.

The Commission on fishing in Pennsylvania has confirmed that catfish weighs more than 50 pounds (22.6 kg) and this is the biggest fish of this species caught in the state over the entire history of observations. After weighing Bonawitz decided to release the fish to freedom. In this he was helped by eight-year-old nephew Dylan.

“It’s an amazing fish – laughing of Bonawitz. And the best thing to do is to release it in the natural habitat, so perhaps someone else could catch him”.

We will remind, earlier in the network appeared the photo of the 140-pound catfish that was caught in the Ukraine, near Cherkassy. The corresponding picture on their page Facebook posted Anatoliy Makarenko. In addition, we reported that in Odessa region the poacher illegally caught fish at two million.

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