Fishing in peace at Lake Parker

Peaceful fishing at Lake Parker


If you are looking for a place to fish in peace, in an exceptional natural environment and with beautiful speckled trout within your reach, Lake Parker in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve is the ideal place.

The Parker chalet is located in the center of the forest, a few steps from the lake. It offers you exceptional comfort and quality of stay.

Located just 22 km from the Pins Rouges reception, this new chalet can comfortably accommodate six people. It contains everything you need for your stay with gas stove, electric fridge, full bathroom and all kitchen utensils and dishes. You only need to bring your bedding, clothes and fishing gear.

“We decided to install this cabin at Lake Parker because we knew we were able to install quality equipment. We also knew that the lake could withstand good fishing pressure, due to the large population of native speckled trout, explains the director of the reserve, Éric Harnois. This is a plus for our accommodation offer in the reserve, with very easy access to fishing. »

My companions, Gilles Dubois (at the front) and Michel Simard, were able to take advantage of the rather original evisceration site.

Indeed, the term easy applies to all levels. We can say easy to access, easy to live there very comfortably, because it feels more like a house than a cottage, and finally, very easy access to fishing.

Located immediately in front of the chalet, Lake Parker offers you great opportunities for very interesting catches, up to a pound, in an abundant native trout population. We were at the end of August and we were able to achieve a very interesting fishing, by adapting our fishing technique.

To outsmart the trout, we had to fish deep with orange or silver and red Toronto Wobblers from 3 inches minimum, with an 18 inch leader and a good supply of worms. My partner, Gilles, also had success with an orange and silver Lake Clear Deep, while Karl fished with a blue hammered Wobbler with white gradients.

For the evisceration of the catch, there is a very original installation at the back of the chalet with running water, sink, table and scales.


At the start, I must say that to go fishing, you only have to walk a hundred feet to jump into the boats and make a catch. Gasoline engines are on site.

We had no problem achieving our limit of seven trout per angler. We also ate there. Truly enjoyable fishing in conditions that only facilities like Parker Lake can provide.

As is customary, there is a fishing plan for this area. The advantage of the latter is that everything happens within a radius of three to four kilometers. Lac Bourassa can offer you nice-sized native speckles, more than a pound in many cases.

You don't have far to walk to find yourself comfortably in your boat to thwart the beautiful speckles of the lake.

There is no problem to get to this site by car. No need for a van or other similar vehicle. It's a bit like the trademark of the Mastigouche reserve, the quality of the road network. It is only when nature is unleashed, like last spring with torrential rains, that the paths can become more difficult.

In total, the reserve has 417 lakes. In some, you can find gray trout and even landlocked salmon, at the famous Lac au Sorcier. Accommodation can be in cabins, rustic camps or camping.


Now that the fishing season is over, if you want to stay there next season, you must book quickly.

The Parker cabin facilities will now be used for moose and small game hunters.

“We are very proud to offer hunting enthusiasts these quality facilities where they will find all the comfort and equipment necessary for a very interesting stay. In the case of moose hunting, we have a success rate of around 45%, while for small game, the harvest is there. We have hunters from all over Quebec. »

The Mastigouche wildlife reserve will meet your expectations, whether you are a fisherman or a hunter. Parker Lake facilities are a reflection of the diversity of stays that this territory can offer you.

  • For more information on costs and availability, you You can go to the website, under the “Réserve Mastigouche” tab, or call the reserve office directly at 819-265-2098. It's up to you to live an adventure to your liking.

Peaceful fishing at Lake Parker