Fishing on Lake Ontario aboard the Mr.T

Lake Ontario fishing aboard the Mr.T


If you want to experience fishing on Lake Ontario with its giant chinook salmon, coho and giant rainbows, one of the best ways to do it is to fish with Stéphane Tremblay on aboard Mr. T.

Certainly, there are other guides on the lake, but if we consult his long-term results, he is ahead of the parade. He proved his skill to us once again during our last fishing trip, on this real sea 310 kilometers long by 85 at its widest, with an average depth of 86 meters. Leaving the marina, we wonder where to go and especially what lures to use. These answers, Stéphane Tremblay found them over the years.

His recipe is certainly not bad because during our visit, while many boats returned with disappointed fishermen, on our side, the catches were there. When he sets sail, he knows exactly where he needs to go since he always notes on his GPS the positions where he has had success during his fishing trips. So after sailing for a few minutes, he stops his Mr. T, places the small engine in the right position, and off we go.


Once the boat is stationary, he begins to install his lines, a bit like a conductor who knows exactly when to play such and such an instrument. A total of ten lines end up in the water and the boat slowly gets moving. Two lines on “downriggers” about forty feet deep, four lines attached to the rod holders on the sides of the boat and four lines, two on each side, attached to large dinghies. This installation, which I would call an octopus, rakes the waters of the lake very widely. He likes the color green for his lures.

Quickly, we find ourselves on the sites where it has been successful in the previous days. Catches follow one another with chinook salmon over 20 pounds and even over 25 pounds, coho salmon, including one ten-pounder, and rainbows attacking the offerings of this specialist. On the sonar screen, you can quite regularly see schools of forage fish. Large fish are prowling around. The dance continues for the two days of our adventure. Back at the marina in Whitby, where he parks his boat, we quickly notice around us that the catches have been either absent or very limited. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to benefit from the expertise of the one I have already described as the magician of Lake Ontario.

These two days of fishing allowed us to take full advantage of this opportunity to be able to capture these trophy fish with this specialist and quick access to the resource. From Quebec, it takes seven hours to reach Whitby. The game is worth the candle. The sensations that we feel fighting with these fish that sell their skin so dearly remain in our memory for a long time.


Experiencing a fishing adventure on Lake Ontario with this specialist is quite simple. Simply contact him either via his website at or by phone at 514 794-9939.

The cost of a day of fishing, including the boat and all services including rods and lures, is set at $250 per fisherman. It should also be mentioned that during the return to the wharf, the expert nets your catches for the return home. 

In Whitby, you will find a range of hotels to accommodate you at different prices. The choice is vast. Also, for catering, you still have a varied choice. During a fishing trip on the lake, you must plan to have your drinks and lunch with you to eat. No alcohol is tolerated on board the boat. The excursions start very early in the morning and end around 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Personally, I recommend going there for a two-day excursion because if ever the weather prevents you from going out, you have a chance to recover. The fish limit is five in total. Importantly, in Ontario, if you are a Canadian citizen aged 65 and over, you do not need a fishing license.

Truly a fishing adventure on Lake Ontario , you have to experience it at least once. In the company of Stéphane Tremblay, your chances of success are excellent.