Fishing prohibited, vacations offered to disaster victims, water pollution… the main news in the region

Fishing prohibited, vacations offered to disaster victims, water pollution... the main news in the region

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Pêche à la ligne interdite

#GRAU-DU-ROI – From now on, recreational fishing is prohibited in Grau-du-Roi in the maritime channel and in the fishing port. A total ban that aligns with that already enacted in the Gard city for casting fishing criticized for the risks it posed to fishing vessels (damage to propellers and engines for example). “Faced with the conflict that is growing between anglers and other users, but also the risks that line fishing poses to the vessels' equipment, this leisure activity has in turn been banned by the port council”, announced Mayor Robert Crauste on Monday.

A holiday offered to families affected by disaster in North

#GARD –A few months ago, while the rains were ravaging the territory of Blendecques, Olinda and Frédéric Amsaleg, owners of a campsite in Anduze, in the Gard, closely followed this story and decided to mobilize to offer victims one week of vacation. Last weekend, the Hamnouche family – Barrois, like the 27 others, packed his bags last weekend in one of the mobile homes at the Bel Été campsite. Between walks, swimming, and aperitifs, the Blendecquois came to take a breather. "Here, I have a kitchen. At home, I have nothing left…", testifies a young woman. "When we see all this, we say to ourselves: it’s won. Especially when we know what they suffered", observes, moved, Olinda Amsaleg.

Mende Plage, here we go again

#LOZERE – This is a highly anticipated summer event, for locals but also for tourists who choose Lozère. Mende Plage returns to Wunsiedel Park, in Mende, from July 4, 2024. For this 7th edition, there will be sport! "We will broadcast the end of the Euro football, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games", confides Gérard Dugard, co-manager with his wife Martine of the catering area which focuses on local products from Lozère. For the first time, the City of Mende will install water games for children. Two seasonal workers were hired, including a swimming supervisor.

Today’s number: 40

#SETE –This is the age of the portico of the port of Sète which is being dismantled piece by piece. This 450-ton, 60-meter-high machine unloaded boats of their goods. During his life, he performed some 300,000 operations. But it is now too old. "As our new gantry, which arrived in 2011, can do it and we have the support of our three mobile cranes, we launched an appeal offers to dismantle the other", explains David Liard, director of the EPR Port Sud de France.

Water: a start-up innovates against pollution

#HERAULT –Yasmine Er-Rouyas and Antoine Revardeau share their commitment to the planet, which led to the creation of Pluvia’Tech. Objective: to fight against marine pollution by limiting the infiltration of urban waste into waterways. "Our idea was to create an ecological filtering system to be affixed to the rain plates of cities because 80% of marine pollution comes from terrestrial sources", explains Yasmine. With diplomas in hand, Yasmine and Antoine developed their filter basket by collecting small mesh bags from local oyster farmers, washing them and transforming them into baskets. Yasmine and Antoine joined the Gigamed nursery at the same time and approached local communities. Since March, 40 baskets have been tested in Bessan, Mèze, Balaruc-les-Bains, Frontignan and Sète. Results: cigarette butts, plastics, papers… More than 600 liters of macro waste are collected. "This year, we are going to install around a hundred baskets to be placed in the most touristy areas of our region", rejoice the young entrepreneurs.


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