Five dead after tornado in Missouri, central United States

Five dead after tornado in Missouri, central US


A tornado hit Missouri on Wednesday, killing at least five people, authorities in the central US state said. 

“Five confirmed deaths Missouri Traffic Police spokesman Sergeant Clark Parrott told AFP in a message.

Footage from the local Fox 2 channel showed trees uprooted, houses the village of Glenallen in the southeastern part of the state.

Several villages in Bollinger County “were affected by what appears to be a considerable tornado early this morning,” the sheriff said of the county, Casey Graham, further confirming the five deaths.

“Throughout the morning and even now, our search and assistance operations are ongoing,” he continued on the page. Bollinger County Sheriff's Office Facebook.

Tornadoes, weather phenomena as impressive as they are difficult to predict, are common in the United States, especially in the center and south of the country.

Tornadoes and violent thunderstorms, which swept through several American states last weekend, killed at least 32 people.

Tennessee was particularly affected with 15 deaths linked to severe weather, the southern state's emergency management agency reported Sunday.

A week earlier, a tornado swept through Mississippi, killing 25 people and causing extensive property damage. President Biden was there.